Mum slammed for accusing neighbors of eavesdropping on her after they set up a gazebo

Mumsnet, a parenting forum, was contacted by the women to inquire if their neighbors had gone beyond their boundaries.

She said that new mover-ins had placed climbing trees next to their fence which separated their gardens. They claimed they were now causing harm.

She wrote in her post: “New neighbors moved into our home a few months ago. Their large garden backs onto our smaller park, which is divided by our fence-and-trellis.

“When we moved into the house six years ago, we spent hours clearing ivy from our garden. But, it has now grown back through our fence, forcing our slats apart.

“They also planted what appears to be a Clematis, which is now growing up our fence.

“I will tell them to get rid of their climbing plants from our fence. It’s an old fence, and if there are supporting plants, it will soon fall.”

The mum also accused her neighbours of listening to her conversations. She says they are always out “digging and plant” when she and her family are in the garden.

She complained that there is a gazebo in the garden and when we sit down, they dig and plant on the other side of fence.

“They just built a gazebo next to our fence, where we will have our barbecue.

“I realize it’s their garden, and they can do whatever they want. But as it’s large, why should they have everything right next?

Mumsnet users criticized the mum, with many pointing out that her neighbors were free to do what they want on their land.

One wrote, “It’s their yard; they can do what they want in it, and plant whatever else they like.”

Another woman pointed out the woman’s hypocrisy, adding: “Why is your fence near your gazebo?” Perhaps it’s because the garden is yours and you can put a gazebo wherever you want.

One tried to find a solution and stated: “Paint your fence with weedkiller, set the barbecue on whenever you like, and turn down the music if you don’t want people to be listening to you.” Is that helpful?

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